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Venue Menu is an ultra-modern mobile package of solutions that makes life easier, more efficient and fulfilling for businesses and their clientele. Venue Menu is a cloud-based 4G & WiFi compatible system operating on the Apple iPad.

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For Business

Point of Sale System & Back Office

The point of sale component is wireless, powerful, flexible, and specifically customized for the unique needs of the business served. Restaurants find the system excellent for table side ordering. Tour operators can process payments on the boat or on the beach. Clients are appreciative of the accuracy and timeliness of businesses' service. They also appreciate the check and item splitting flexibility, integrated transaction processing, digital signature and paperless capabilities. It is a fully PCI compliant integrated digital payment system.

For a restaurant the system increases floor efficiency, performance, and productivity. Errors are dramatically reduced and inventory is better controlled.

For a mobile operator the tablet goes along on the tour. With 4 G powering the unit, payments can be processed anywhere.

In addition to tour operators and restaurants, any enterprise that looks to leverage the power and flexibility of proven mobile devices to seamlessly integrate with a modern, reliable point of sale system needs look no further. Remotely manage your business from any device at any time through the cloud.

The protracted battery life of the iPad and the 4 G capability mean that your commerce can continue through power and internet outages.

Mobile Tablet POS

Tablet POS and Stand

Epson Smart Printer



The service provides restaurant & business owners with comprehensive reservation management. Subscribing restaurants use an Electronic Reservation Book (ERB) to replace existing black book and email reservation systems. It provides the ERB in an integrated software and hardware solution that computerizes a business’ back office and restaurant host-stand operations. The ERB handles reservation management, table management, guest recognition, and marketing.

Features include:

  • Reservation management – manages making, changing, cancelling and confirming reservations
  • Guest management – keeps track of VIPs, customer preferences and repeat customers; also allows targeted marketing to customers
  • Table management – assists restaurant staff in seating (and even pre-assigning to seats) customers and tracking table stats
  • Reports – provides advanced analytics helps sustain and improve restaurant efficiency


Tablet POS Charging Station

Mobile POS Pouch

Tablet POS Case

Rugged Tablet POS Case

5 Port Desktop USB Charger

Apple 12W USB Power Adapter

Stylus Pen Combo